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     Often, when people think of remodeling or adding a room or two, the overall design element of the finished project is frequently neglected.  Any building, be it residential or commercial, "works" around underlying architectural design elements.  Whether you plan for a remodel of a current structure or for the construction of a whole new project the architectural design will either make or break your satisfaction with the finished job.  You can install the highest quality fixtures, get the best decorator, and pay top dollar for construction.  But, if the architectural design is lacking, the project will often end up feeling unsatisfactory.  Even something as seemingly simple as adding a new bathroom can be greatly enhanced if the design as well as the structural elements of the project are considered from the very beginning.
     At AICM the design elements of every project are carefully planned by our architectural designer in conjunction with the owner of the property.  With the combination of your input and AICM's attention to architectural design the end product of your project, whatever it may be, will be both aesthetically pleasing and eminently functional.  


     AICM and its president have been pleasing their residential customers for almost two decades.  AICM is committed to serving the customer with a "small" remodel job to the same attention and levels of responsiveness and detail that it offers its largest clients.  AICM understands that no job is a successful job if customer satisfaction is lacking.
     If a customer comes to AICM with his or her own architect AICM will gladly work hand-in-hand with that architect to makes sure the finished project is satisfactory to the architect as well as to the client.

  • new homes designed and built from the ground up
  • whole house remodeling
  • additions
  • renovations
  • decks
  • dormers
  • kitchens and baths
  • home offices
  • master suites
  • fantasy rooms


     AICM is committed to work with its commercial customers in whatever way necessary to enact your vision for you new store/warehouse/factory, etc.  Our professional crews are ready to work with you to successfully complete whatever work you desire for your commercial property.  


     You have the house of your dreams.  It was build a long long time ago and you wish to restore it to the condition it was in when it was first built.  This takes not only renovation skills but skills associated with fine woodworking and reproduction and knowledge of where to go to find the information needed to do the work.  AICM is ready to help you in this difficult yet rewarding project.  An historic renovation is a white glove job and AICM is the company to call for this special service.


     Are you ready to purchase that home of your dreams? It looks great from the outside, but what is lurking out of sight?  What might not be okay that you are missing?  How is the plumbing or the electrical system?  What about the roof?  Are there termites?
     A thorough home inspection, by someone who knows how to check out a house for those "hidden" Problems, is an investment that pays for itself time and time again.
     All the experts recommend a professional home inspection before signing a contract to buy you next home.  Let the engineering, architectural and building expertise of AICM be your first choice for home inspections. 


     You have been elected to the board of your co-op.  The building needs to be inspected to check for Problems - where do you turn?  Perhaps to and engineer, an architect, a builder, or a firm that just does home inspections.  Each one sounds good - who should you turn to?  If you turn to AICM you get all of those rolled into one
     If you would like to see an example of a report AICM has prepared for someone like you, give us a call and we can easily arrange it.  We know when you see AICM's reports you will never be satisfied again with the kind of reports other companies provide


     All buildings eventually need repairs.  Some of the repairs are obvious, but others are hidden.  How do you find out where the repairs are needed?   AICM can provide the eye of an engineer, an architectural designer and a builder in helping you find these Problems.  We will then generate a professional report on the work needed so you can then decide what your budget will allow.  We will also work with you on setting up a schedule to perform the repairs that can meet both your budget and your timetable. 


    A few years ago you did some renovations to your home or building.  It might not have been a big job.  You might have even had the local handyman do it for you.  Now you are trying to sell your property and you discover that since you never got a Certificate Of Occupancy for the work done your buyer can not get a mortgage for the property.
     AICM has dealt with many similar situations and will help you in either securing the proper documentation to sell the home or building or, if necessary, doing whatever renovations are needed so as to be able to get the required documentation to sell your property.


     You are planning a remodel.  Your local municipality has zoning laws.  Will your remodel be in sync with what they allow?  Let AICM handle your Problem.
     We will check your local zoning regulations and the make suggestions to bring your project in line with the code.  If you need a variance, we will do all we can to help effect your getting one.
      Let AICM, with our expertise in design and building be your choice in this area.


  You got a ticket.  Your building is unsafe.  Where do you go?  AICM will help you not only bring your building up to code but will also help you deal with all the the paperwork and the local inspectors so as to have the UB removed.


     If you are the owner of a New York City building and wish help on dealing with the J51s and the tax board, just contact AICM and we will do whatever it takes to satisfy you in this regard.


     You had a fire.  Where do you start?  With AICM of course.  We will be there for you through all phases of your job from walking with you  through the burned out building to the design and the construction of the your new structure.
     AICM can help.